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Application Process Explanation

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Hello and welcome to Vintage. This is going to be a step for step guide in order for you to learn how to apply to Vintage and how your application process will work. The first thing you need to know is that your trial period will last for a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of five weeks. In this time you have to prove to the members that you are dedicated enough to be in this clan. Ways you can do this are but not limited to; Coming to events, leading events, being active on this site, bumping the RS forums, being active in TeamSpeak (idling on the Busy or AFK Channels if you do not feel like talking). Things like this show us that you are serious about being here and want make a home for yourself with us. We are excited to have you, welcome to Vintage.


Step 1.) The first thing you need to do is register to our site (if you have not done so yet).

Step 2.) Once you have yourself acclimated with our forums, the next step is for you to learn what it takes to become a Trial Member of Vintage and prepare to meet these requirements. 



Requirements for Trial Member:

  • 115+ Combat
  • 5 Postcount
  • GaFFqdD.png
  • Site activity
  • Notice: Trial Members are allowed to have a maximum of one inactive thread for a maximum 3 days. After you've used your one inactive topic as a trial member, any other attempts at posting an inactive topic on our forums will not be accounted for.



At this point if you've decided that this is the clan for you, you want to continue on and post your trial member application. You can find the trial member application template hereTo post, click here or click the 'Start new topic' button in the top right of the section. Please remember, we will allow your application to idle here for a minimum of 24 hours before accepting or declining you to allow our members to view and post on your application.

Step 3.)  Once you've posted your TM application, the next thing you need to do is make sure that you are able to get in and out of our Teamspeak. Once you've confirmed yourself on TeamSpeak and your application has idled for 24 hours, your application will then be accepted/declined. Be sure to be active on all of our different forms of contact and attend events over the next few weeks. In order to post a Full Membership Application, you must have a minimum of three weeks within our clan to be able to apply for full membership. If you have not applied for full membership after five weeks within our clan you will be removed and have to reapply as a trial member. Trial members are able to see our Full Membership Application Template hereThe section to post the application is here







Requirements to apply for Full Membership:

  • All trial member requirements
  • 115+ combat
  • 90+ Range or 94+ Magic
  • Fire Cape
  • Barrows Gloves
  • 70M+ In Gear
  • 50+ post count on this site
  • Must have attended at least a minimum of two official clan wars events during your trial period.
  • Must have attended at least a minimum of five events during your trial period (excluding wars).
  • Gained either a war mentor or raid mentor unless deemed proficient at either.
  • 3+ referrals from members of vintage - Anyone who is full member is able to refer you, except for Leaders and Council ranked members.
    We do not expect to be your best friend in three to five weeks. These references are meant to be references to your activity. Anyone you've attended events with, talked to in the cc or teamspeak, anyone that you've spoken with in PM; These are the type of people you should be asking.

Remember, the three referrals you use should be the three members you connected with the most throughout your trial period; DO NOT ask in the CC for referrals. PM the members that you have attended events with, talked to in the CC, TS3, Discord, or PM. Once you post a full membership application, a voting topic will be created within a members only forum to allow all current members the chance to post their thoughts on you. Your application will remain in a pending state for a minimum of three days to allow members to post their thoughts on your membership application. 


Good luck

- Vintage Leadership



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