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  2. Loot from 300-380KC on road to 1k Raids KC

    super nice!!
  3. Loot from 300-380KC on road to 1k Raids KC

    Get rich or die trying
  4. Loot from 300-380KC on road to 1k Raids KC

    damn thats fat as fuck loot! nice man
  5. Sanjeef Intro

  6. Joshan Intro

    u r bad tho
  7. Loot from 300-380KC on road to 1k Raids KC

    that vintage luck, grats on pet
  8. Loots & Splits 305kc DHCB 328kc Dex 50/50 352kc Dinh's 364kc 3man Dex 372kc Arcane (not splitted because shit drop :D) 376kc Dex (5man) 380kc Dex + PET (6man) Unknown kc 7man Ancestral top Unknown kc Dex + one 4man dex I didn't get picture of. 10 drops in total. Owen, when you see this post, I just want to say that I love you too <3
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  10. [ACCEPTED] Garrett's App

    Congratulations, your Trial membership application to join Vintage has been accepted! Please join our clan chat. We are excited that you felt we met your guidelines for a clan and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here with our family. You will now be placed on a three to seven week trial period. You must remain a trial member for a minimum of three weeks. At this point in time you can apply for full member. If you do not meet the requirements to join our clan you will be given a maximum amount of seven weeks in order to meet those requirements and apply. If you do not meet our requirements within seven weeks you will have to re-apply as a trial member and start the process over. As a new Trial Member, here's whats expected of you: 1.) Add our clan officials. 2.) Be active on our site. *In order to do so the easiest ways are focusing on two different things. The side bars - Announcements, Events, and Applications found here. For everything else, look under our active topics / Unread Content button, found right above these side bars. 3.) Sign up for events on whether you can participate or not. 4.) Use our TeamSpeak3 - Idle when you are around a computer and unable to talk. 5.) 115+ Combat, 90+ Range OR 94+ Magic, Barrows Gloves & Fire Cape by the end of your TM period. Remember to take your trial period seriously. We expect our trial members to prove that they wish to be here and apart of something special. Show us what you have and bring a positive influence to us during your period here as a Trial Member, as you will be needing 3 references from members to become a full member! Thank you for your interest in Vintage. We hope you enjoy your time here with us! Good luck on your trial period. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to ask a leader or council member. Below is a list of helpful links you may look at now that you've applied: Our clan information is located here: Vintage Guide Directory:
  11. Joshan Intro

    got a big wang
  12. [ACCEPTED] Garrett's App

    Welcome dude
  13. Joshan Intro

    you will only be accepted if you help us take down vaseline boys
  14. Last week
  15. Sanjeef Intro

    wb brother #wintaj for life
  16. Joshan Intro

    welcome joshan, together we can take down sanity, #wintaj #wintja #wintaj #animeoride
  17. Joshan Intro

    What's good man. Remember you from the Serenity days
  18. Joshan Intro

    send them to me on discord within 24 hours and must contain your Wintaj tattoo
  19. Joshan Intro

    #men of culture
  20. Joshan Intro

    I'll send u nudes pls don't release it
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